Mybrand Marketing is a project led by Feraz Zeid. It has been established in 2018.

The goal of the project is to provide hands-on information about personal branding online tools, tactics and strategies.

The society has significantly changed over the past 50 years. It is now all about the individuum. With the rise of the internet, the single person has been empowered to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. This blessing is also a curse because the world population growth continues to accelerate creating a continued supply of new egos joining the rat race.

Those who do not manage to stand out and sell themselves, eventually disappear in the masses as time quickly shifts them into irrelevancy.

Those who manage to tell their story, to create their personal brand, however, are rewarded generously.

Mybrand Marketing is the place where you can find winning tactics to build up your personal brand, no matter if you are a business owner, an employee or just a human. We all have our idea of our personal brand and here you will find the tools and tactics present it to the world.



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